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Engineering and Plan Review 

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Services Provided:


Lee County Department of Transportation (DOT) Design project managers oversee the design and permitting of roadway and bridge improvement projects including new road alignments, improvement of existing roads, intersection improvements and bicycle/pedestrian projects. Projects are delivered via consultant services or through in-house design staff.


Planning analyzes the road network and traffic projections to determine transportation needs, evaluates engineering design options to determine optimum improvement alternatives, and is responsible for engineering plan review of development orders.


Construction staff oversees and coordinates the activities of contractors performing work for the County on roadway projects and the road resurfacing program. Inspection services are provided through consultant services on major roadway project and with in-house staff.

Satellite Office

Permitting and Inspection

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Hours:  M-F, 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 

Permitting and Inspection

Right of Way Use Permits are issued and work is inspected by permitting staff. Right of Way Use Permits are required for most maintenance or construction activities within County right of way or easements. 

  • A Residential Driveway Permit is needed for new driveways or improvements within the right of way to existing single family residences or duplexes. 
  • Commercial Right of Way Use permits are needed for roadway improvements and driveways required for new commercial development, multi-unit residential developments and utility work.
  • A Small Cell Permit is needed for communications providers to place or maintain a communications facility, conduit, backhaul facility, or utility pole intended to support the collocation of small wireless facilities in the County rights of way.

    Visit the Permits page for more information.

Services Provided to Homeowners

Engineering Services will provide homeowners a courtesy consultation at their home to discuss what can be done with a driveway within the right of way.  

Engineering inspectors will meet with homeowners to advise them on conditions that may or may not require a permit.  This service is provided to assist homeowners in planning the redesign of their driveway or the design of a new driveway.  The inspector will provide the homeowner with clear and accurate information on permitting and construction requirements before they apply for a driveway permit. 

To request a meeting with an inspector, email or call 239-533-9300
Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


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