To Apply for a Residential Driveway Permit

Create an account at eConnect to apply online. Through your account you can apply for a permit, submit payment, and request an inspection. When inspection is complete you will be contacted by email with the results. Download the Driveway Request Worksheet for instructions.

If you need assistance, please call our office at 239-533-9300 or email Consultations are free and are very helpful for both parties.

Permit Fees

​      For buildings with one to four residential units

​Single Driveway​  ​$95
Double Driveway​                                            ​$120
​permit fees are doubled when working without a permit

Buildings with five or more residential units are commercial structures requiring a Commercial Right of Way Permit. Development order applications must be processed through the Lee County Department of Community Development's Development Services Division.

Please read Lee County's Administrative Code AC-11-12 for policies on working in a right of way or easement.

To Schedule an Inspection

Call the automated system at 239-533-8997 and enter one of the following codes:

​Culvert Inspection
​Form Inspection
​Finish Limerock Inspection
​    753
​Final Inspection

Request an Inspection 

Link to website. Call before you dig.