Ditch Cleaning in Lehigh Acres                 


  Phone:    239-533-9400
  Fax:        239-533-9445
  Address: 5560 Zip Dr., Fort Myers, FL. 33905 View Map
  Hours:   Mon - Fri 7 a.m.-5 p.m. 


Services Provided:

The Lee County Department of Transportation (DOT) Operations Division provides maintenance services for designated Lee County roads, bridges and canals. Those not maintained by Lee County are maintained by the Florida DOT, one of the municipalities, or by private owners. Find out if your road is maintained by Lee County DOT. Please note, the county maintained road lookup link does not work with Internet Explorer Browser, use Chrome, Fire Fox or Edge.  Call 239-533-9400 if you have questions regarding maintenance responsibilities for a bridge or canal.

Roadway Maintenance  Lee County Patch Crew

  • Pavement repair, shoulder work, street sweeping, litter and debris pickup and minor roadway paving
  • Landscape maintenance, ​irrigation system maintenance, mowing, and sight distance problems
  • Roadside drainage maintenance
  • Large dead animal removal (those that are obstructing the roadway or a safety hazard to drivers)
  • Guardrail, handrail, and barrier wall maintenance
  • Sidewalk and bike path repair

Bridge Maintenance

  • Repairs and inspection
  • Tender operations (opening and closing draw bridges)
  • Permits for overweight or over-sized vehicles

Canal Maintenance 

  • Dredging, erosion control and unwanted vegetation spraying
  • Maintenance road mowing and access gate repairs
  • Weir maintenance and control
  • Note that canals are maintained primarily for the flow of storm water, not for aesthetic reasons.
  • The Lee County DOT does not maintain navigable canals (those used for boating).

 Lee County DOT Drainage Crew installing Storm Water Drainage Culvert

 Excavated Dirt For Sale

When available, ditch cleaning material is sold for $1.00 per cubic yard in designated quantities. The Buyer is required to furnish all equipment necessary to remove the material from specific dump sites throughout Lee County. The Buyer will be given eight weeks from the date of purchase to remove the dirt and is responsible for any and all damages caused by them in the process. Acceptable payment is a cashier's check made out to LCBOCC. The fill is from our ditch cleaning maintenance operations and, as such, Lee County is not responsible for the quality or content of this fill material as it may contain: broken glass, rocks, asbestos fragments, oil, and other undesirable contents. The Buyer accepts the fill under these conditions and at their own risk. Lee County is not responsible for any damage or injury to person or property. The Buyer will accept all responsibility. Buyer is required to sign a notarized acknowledgement of the foregoing terms form upon payment.

Call 239-533-9400 for availability. Then download and complete the Disclosure and Acknowledgement of Terms Dirt Sales Form.  Return the notarized form with your cashier check to Lee County DOT Operations, 5560 Zip Dr., Ft. Myers, FL 33905.