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The Midpoint Memorial Bridge and Toll Facility opened to traffic on October 19, 1997. This provided a much needed and highly anticipated East/West Corridor between Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

Midpoint Lane Height:
17 ft 6 in
Midpoint Lane Width:
Lane #1 Open Road Tolling Lane: Width = 15 ft to flex stakes ( 5 additional ft to wall)
Lane #2 Booth Lane: Width = 11ft
Lane #3 Booth Lane: Width = 11ft
Lane #4 Booth Lane: Width = 11ft


Midpoint Memorial Bridge is one and one quarter of a mile long, shore to shore. Travelers experience a magnificent view of the Caloosahatchee River and the Four Mile Cove E.C.O. Park Preserve when crossing into Cape Coral.

Midpoint Memorial Bridge is 81 Ft. wide. It has two east and two west bound lanes with breakdown lanes in both directions. There is a 55 Ft. vertical clearance for boats and a clearance width of 200 Ft. in the shipping channel.

One Way Tolling became effective November 1, 2007, charging $2.00 westbound only over the Cape Coral and Midpoint bridges.  Average daily toll paying traffic processed is approximately 20,000 vehicles (collected in the westbound direction).  Annual traffic processed is approximately 7,400,000 vehicles.