​​​​  Photo of Traffic Being Monitored Inside the Traffic Operations Center Control Room

Lee County Traffic Operations Center

The Lee County Traffic Operations Center (TOC) is located in Billy's Creek Commerce Park. From this location, the Lee County Department of Transportation (DOT) is able to monitor the operation of the traffic signals in the County. If a signal were to go into flash or have other reported malfunctions, the operators at the center can review the situation and dispatch maintenance as needed.

The County has access to view the roadways with closed circuit television cameras. If an incident that causes traffic disruption should occur, the operators may be able to adjust traffic signals to help reduce delay. Traffic travel time and volumes are monitored to help identify incidents. To protect individual privacy, no recording is done on any of the County's cameras.

For emergency or non-emergency questions about the traffic signal operation, contact the TOC at LeeTrafficTOC@leegov.com or call 239-533-5762.