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Big Carlos BridgeFort Myers Beach

​​Buckingham Road and Gunnery Road Roundabout​Lehigh Acres
​Burnt Store Road Widening
​Cape Coral

​Corkscrew Road Widening



​reFRESH Estero Boulevard​Fort Myers Beach

​Gateway Boulevard/Commerce Lakes Drive Roundabouts Project
Fort Myers​
Homestead Road Widening Project​Lehigh Acres
​Littleton Road - Kismet Parkway
​Cape Coral

​Three Oaks Parkway Extension​Fort Myers

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Roadway Studies​

Summary of Major Road Projects FY 18/19 - 22/23 

Bi-County Transportation Corridor Study:
Burnt Store Road, Veterans Parkway & Colonial Boulevard

Major Road Projects

Cape Coral:

   Burnt Store Road Widening - Project Website

   Littleton Road and Kismet Parkway

   Realignment Study
   Roadway Plans 100%
   Signing & Marking Plans 100%
   Lighting Plans 100%

Fort Myers:

   Gateway Boulevard & Commerce Lakes Drive Roundabout  
    Lighting Plans - Final
    Roadway Plans - Final
    SPM Plans - Final

   Gateway Boulevard & Griffin Drive Roundabout

    Lighting Plans - 60% Plans

    Roadway Plans - 60% Plans

    Signing & Marking Plans - 60% Plans

   Ortiz Ave (Colonial to MLK)
   ITS 90% Plans
   Landscape-Irrigation Analysis 90% Plans
   Lighting 90% Plans
   Lighting Design Analysis Report - April 2021
   Ortiz Ave (Colonial to MLK) Roadway 90 Percent Plans.pdf
   Signing & Pavement Marking 90% Plans
   Utility 60% Plans

    Ortiz Avenue Widening - S.R. 884 to S.R. 82
    Roadway Plans - 30% Submittal
    ITS Plans - 60% Submittal
    LIghting Plans - 60% Submittal
    Roadway Plans - 60% Submittal
    Signing & Marking Plans - 60% Submittal

   Ortiz Avenue - S.R. 80 to S.R. 82 
    Roadway Plans - In Progress Final Plans 
    Structure Plans - In Progress 90% Submittal (Revised) 
    Landscape Plans - In Progress 90% Submittal (Revised) 
    Right of Way Maps 
    Fort Myers Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Plans 
    Lee County Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Plans 

Fort Myers Beach:

    Estero Boulevard
       reFRESH Estero Boulevard Project Website  
       Estero Boulevard Project Plans

    Big Carlos Bridge PD&E Study - (in progress)
Big Carlos Bridge
Roadway 60% Plans
Structure 60% Plans

Lehigh Acres:

    Buckingham Road and Gunnery Road Roundabout
Landscaping 100% Plans
Lighting 100% Plans
Roadway 100% Plans
Signing and Marking 100% Plans
     Landscaping 60 % Plans
     Lighting 60 % Plans
     Roadway 60% Plans
     Signing and Marking 60% Plans

    Joel Boulevard Restriping - Country Club Boulevard to E. 18th Street Signing & Marking Plans
    Gunnery Road - Lee Blvd to S.R. 82  100% Submittal 

    Homestead Road - Alabama Road to South of Sunrise Blvd.
     Alignment Study
     Concept Aerial
     Roadway Plans 100% 
     Right of Way Plans
     Drainage Design Documentation 
     Utility Relocation Plans 90%
   Sunshine Boulevard and 8th Street SW Intersection Improvements
     Intersection Evaluation Report
     Roadway Plans 100%         

North Fort Myers:

   Hancock Bridge Parkway Sidewalk & Drainage Improvements - Moody Road to U.S. 41
      Roadway Plans 100%
   Hancock Bridge Parkway Sidewalk Improvement Project - NE 16th Place to SE 24th Avenue
Roadway Plans 100%
   Littleton Road Widening - U.S. 41 to Corbett Road - Study 

Pine Island

    Stringfellow Road Shared Use Path - Eighth Avenue to York Road Stringfellow Rd SUP - 100% Plans

South Lee County (South Fort Myers, San Carlos, Estero):

    Alico Road Connector Alignment Study, Alico Road to S.R. 82
     Complete Appendix
     Final Report From McMahon 7-1-2009 
     Alico Road Supporting Documents Final

    Alico Road - Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to East of Airport Haul Road 
     Alico Road Final Report 
     Right of Way Maps 100% 
     Roadway Plans 100% 
     Signing & Marking Plans 100% 
     Signal Plans 100%

    Beacon Manor Drive Sidewalk Improvements  Bid Plans

    Corkscrew Road Widening 
    Phase I - Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to Bella Terra Boulevard
     Roadway Plans - Phase 1 100%
     Signalization Plans - Phase 1 100%
     Signing & Pavement Marking Plans - Phase 1 100%
     Roadway Plans - Phase 1 90%
     Signing & Pavement Marking Plans - Phase 1 90%
     Signalization Plans - Phase 1 60%
     Roadway Plans - Phase I 60% 
     Signing & Pavement Marking Plans - Phase I 60% 
     Final Roadway Plans - Phase 1
     Final Signal Plans - Phase 1
     Final Signing & Pavement Marking Plans - Phase 1

    Phase II - Bella Terra Boulevard to Alico Road
     Landscaping Plans - Phase II 30%
     Lighting Plans - Phase II 60%
     Roadway Plans - Phase II 60%
     Signal Plans - Phase II 60%
     Signing & Pavement Marking Plans - Phase II 60%
     Lighting Plans - Phase II 90%
     Roadway Plans - Phase II 90%
     Signal Plans - Phase II 90%
     Signing & Marking Plans - Phase II 90%

     Utilities Relocation - Phase II 90 percent Plans.pdf

    Palomino Lane Improvements 
       Daniels Parkway to Penzance Boulevard   100% Submittal

​​    Three Oaks Parkway Extension North - Fiddlesticks Canal to Daniels Parkway
       Pre-2017 Design
         Canal Crossing to Daniels Parkway90% Roadway Plan
         Canal Crossing to Daniels Parkway90% Right of Way
       Post-2017 Design
         Phase I - Fiddlesticks Canal Crossing to North Line of Section 27 90% Roadway Plans
         Phase I - Fiddlesticks Canal Crossing to Station 288+36.50 Preliminary Right-of-Way Maps
         Fiddlesticks Canal Crossing 90% Structure Plans
       Informational Flyer, November 2018 
         Phase II - Station 288+36.50 to Daniels Parkway  30% Roadway Plans
Winkler Road Sidewalk   
       Plans - 100% Submittal