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The Cape Coral Bridge was originally a two lane bridge that opened to traffic in 1964 as the sole direct link between Cape Coral and Fort Myers. A toll of 25 cents was placed on the bridge in 1964. The toll was removed in 1975.

A parallel span was added to the south side of the existing bridge in the fall of 1989. This created a four lane facility with separate east- and westbound lanes. The toll of $.75 was imposed to pay the bonds associated with the new facility, and a ten lane toll facility was opened simultaneously. The toll was raised to $1.00 in November of 1993. This action was undertaken to allow funds to be accrued to reduce the bonding requirements for the then planned Midpoint Memorial Bridge. By raising the toll to one dollar in 1993, the County was able to maintain the one dollar toll on both the Midpoint Memorial and Cape Coral bridges rather than raise the toll to $1.25 on both bridges upon the opening of the Midpoint Memorial Bridge. The promise that the Board of County Commissioners made as part of the November, 1993 toll increase to not raise the bridge tolls beyond one dollar for a two-axle vehicle, proved to have a significant impact on the development of variable pricing program.

Cape Coral Lane Height:
17 ft 6 in
Cape Coral Lane Width:
Lane #1 Open Road Tolling Lane: Width = 14 ft
Lane #2 Booth Lane: Width = 11ft
Lane #3 Booth Lane: Width = 11ft
Lane #4 Booth Lane: Width = 12ft