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LeeTran announces new on-demand service coming to the Lehigh Acres area

Fort Myers, FL, Feb. 16, 2022 – LeeTran is set to expand its Mobility-on-Demand pilot program to the Lehigh Acres area.

The ULTRA On-Demand Transit service will feature a multi-person vehicle that will take patrons anywhere within the defined service area:

  • The northern border will be West 12th Street between Sunshine Boulevard and Wellington Avenue South.
  • The western border will run southeasterly from Sunshine Boulevard toward Beth Stacey Boulevard and Homestead Road.
  • The eastern border will run southwesterly from Wellington Avenue South toward Joponica Avenue South.
  • The southern border will be Jaguar Boulevard between Aletha Avenue South and Joponica Avenue South.


Scheduled to launch March 2, the on-demand service will be available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Passengers will be able to use the Uber app or make ride requests via the telephone at 239-533-8726. Rides will cost $1.50 during the pilot phase.

LeeTran rolled out its first-ever mobility-on-demand initiative in 2022 in the Bonita Springs area. Following the successful launch of the ULTRA program, LeeTran began the planning process of expanding the program to Lehigh Acres thanks to a grant awarded by Florida Department of Transportation. The mobility-on-demand ridesharing model has gained popularity during recent years with well-known brands like Uber. The concept has expanded to allow public transit agencies to offer more personalized service.

ULTRA on-demand service will not replace ADA Passport service or fixed route service in the Lehigh Acres area initially. The ULTRA on-demand service supports LeeTran's fixed-route services by allowing passengers to travel to destinations within mobility on-demand the service area or to stops along Route 515/110 to reach destinations outside of the service area.

This new Lehigh service will be available to anyone within the designated service zone and on a first-come, first-serve basis. The new service will be powered by Uber technology, made possible through a partnership with Uber. Vehicles are equipped with real-time tracking software that will allow passengers to schedule rides at their convenience through the uber app.