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The Transit Development Plan (TDP) is a tactical guide for developing, improving, cultivating, and evolving public transportation in Lee County over the next 10 years. The TDP includes funded and unfunded requirements, operational and capital priorities, and implementation and economic plans related to various improvement projects. The TDP includes an assessment of existing services offered by LeeTran, as well as projected demand for new services based on social and economic trends in Lee County. The TDP must be updated annually in order to receive state funding assistance. The updated plan will serve as a guide for the future of public transportation in Lee County. LeeTran has made it a practice to use the TDP to not only satisfy Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) requirements, but to also foster consensus among local decision-makers and citizens on how to strategically implement the long-term vision and achieve transit-related community goals. The comprehensive operational analysis (COA) aims to provide short-term recommendations to improve the public transit network based on current social, demographic, and economic trends. The COA provides a transitional blueprint to achieve the long-term goals included in the TDP. These two plans work in concert with one another to provide high-quality transit services as Lee County continues to grow towards the 1 million population mark.

2021-2030 Transit Development Plan (TDP)


Comprehensive Operations Analysis
Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA)

TDP Workshop

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