General Questions:

  • Will there be any changes to the fare pricing once the new farebox system is rolled out? There will be no changes to the fare pricing. The cost for the single and multi-day passes will be identical to what they are now.

  • How do I register my account? Online at MyTropiCard.com

  • How do I reload my TropiCard? At MyTropiCard.com, TropiCard Kiosk, Customer Service at Rosa Parks Transportation Center or LeeTran Headquarters.

  • Is there a reloading fee? There is no reloading fee once your TropiCard is purchased.

  • Is there a limit of how much I can preload my TropiCard for? A maximum of $50 online or in-person.

  • If I use my TropiCard, can others who board with me use the same card? Each adult traveler will need their own TropiCard. The farebox does not accept multiple uses of the same smartcard for payment of more than a single ride per trip.

  • How do transfers work with TropiCard? When using your TropiCard, you will receive free transfers as long as you are heading in one continuous direction and have fewer than five transfers during your continuous journey. Cash fares do not qualify for free transfers.

  • Is cash still accepted? Fareboxes still accept cash – exact fare only. Riders should know they will not receive a transfer when paying fares with cash.

  • My card is not working when I go to pay my fare. What should I do? If your tap was unsuccessful, you will hear a double tone where the screen will then read "Misread Media" or "Smart Card Not Valid". If this occurs, try tapping your card again and make sure to keep the card level and flat against the reader.

  • What do I do if my TropiCard is lost or stolen? Do I need to purchase a new one? If you have registered your card on MyTropiCard.com, you can report it lost or stolen by speaking with Customer Service at 239-533-8726 or in person at Rosa Parks Transportation Center. The customer service representative will be able to "bad list" the lost card and reassign a replacement card for $2.00. This is a one-time fee that is good for the life of the card. The remaining balance from your lost card will be transferred to your new card. Your card is reusable, reloadable, and never expires.

  • What if I didn't register my card, and it was lost or stolen? If you have not registered your TropiCard, we have no way of deactivating your old card or replacing your money.

  • Does my account freeze until I receive a new card? Report your card lost or stolen immediately so that your funds can be frozen. As soon as you acquire a replacement card for $2.00, your fare balance will be accessible.

  • What happens to my information if my card is lost or stolen?  Your card does not contain personal information so if it is lost or stolen there is no issue.

  • Can I use my TropiCard on the beach trolleys? Yes, all buses and trolleys accept the TropiCard.

  • Are paper passes available if I only want an All Day pass or do I need to purchase a TropiCard? Limited Use Passes are available.

The Online Passenger Portal (MyTropiCard.com)

  • How do I check the balance? Online at MyTropiCard.com is your quickest option. Once you've set up an account go to the "TropiCard Purchase and Manage" menu. TropiCards must be registered to check balances and ridership history online.

  • Are there any ways for me to see my riding and purchasing history? Once you register your TropiCard, you will be given access to card management tools and reports. These tools will help you to track your card usage in terms of trip details, order details and balance management.

  • Is there a minimum amount I have to spend when purchasing passes or reloading my TropiCard through the portal? There is a $10.00 minimum order to make a purchase through the online portal.

  • What devices can I access the portal from? The online portal can be accessed on any tablet, computer or mobile device through a web browser. The online portal is NOT an app.

  • How much does a transfer cost when I am using my TropiCard or Limited use pass? You will receive free transfers (some limits apply) when using both the TropiCard and the limited use passes.

  • If I purchase a Pass or card online, is there a charge to have it shipped to me? Shipping is free for all online portal card and pass purchases.

  • Once I make a purchase through the portal, how long will it take to get my cards and/or passes? Purchases through the online portal typically take 1-3 days for processing and shipping.

  • Once I load more fares to my TropiCard via the MyTropiCard.com website, how long will it take for the funds to become available for use? It can take up to 48 hours for funds to become available for use. If you load funds to your account via the mobile app, funds are available immediately.

  • How will I know if my purchase went through and what if I don't receive my products in the mail after I purchase them? Once you make a purchase through the online portal, you will receive an email and text confirmation with an order number. This order number can be used to reference a specific purchase with the LeeTran customer service team should there be any issues in the purchasing or shipping process. Note: you must opt-in to receive emails and texts upon registration of your account. If you did not originally opt into these options, you can do so at any time by speaking to a customer service representative or by changing your settings through the portal.

Discount TropiCards for Qualifying Students and Seniors

  • Do I need a LeeTran discount ID if I have a TropiCard? No, you will no longer need a separate student or senior ID card. The TropiCard will be loaded with your personal information including the discount for which you qualify for.

  • If I receive a reduced fare, can I get my TropiCard from the Kiosk? You can reload your card at the Kiosk but cannot buy a reduced fare card there. We need to take your photo for the back of your card, please come to Rosa Parks Transportation Center or LeeTran Headquarters.

For additional bus fare information please call: (239) 533-8726