Required Art File Formats for Bench Signs and Shelters:

  • PDF (preferred), EPS or AI files (if submitting an ai file, all layers must be included and all fonts must be converted to outlines).
  • The preferred resolution is 300 dpi, however, between 150 and 300 is acceptable. Less than 150 dpi is not acceptable and more than 300 dpi is not necessary.
  • Use CMYK color mode. All fonts must be converted to outlines.


  • Digital photos must be at least 300 dpi. A JPEG from a website is not acceptable as it will be of a low resolution. A JPEG cannot be enlarged or you cannot have someone change the resolution settings to be higher as the pixels will only stretch, resulting in a pixelated image and poor quality. 


  • AI or EPS logos are preferred since they are vector files and can be enlarged without pixelation.

Advertising Dimensions


  • 72" x 24" - No bleed or crop marks please


  • Trim size 48" x 68.55" - Viewable pertinent text & graphics should be within 45.25" x 66.25", no bleed or crop marks please


  • Bus Interior Cards: 28" x 11"
  • Full Bus Wraps, Super Kings and Super Queens:
    • There are three bus sizes: 29’, 35’ and 40’. A template will be provided for layout.

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