South Area Transfer/Multimodal Center

The south area of Fort Myers has developed substantially over several years, out growing the transfer area at Bell Tower Shops. LeeTran is moving forward with a new transfer/multimodal in the south Fort Myers area located on property owned by Lee County at 13180 S Cleveland Ave in Fort Myers to replace Bell Tower. The concept plans for the site calls for seven bays, proportionate space for bicycle storage, covered waiting area and public restrooms and he design and construction is anticipated to take 36 - 48 month. LeeTran has received a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) grant of approximately $160,000 for design and $2.4 million for construction and additional Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funding in the amount of $3 million to develop a south area transfer/multimodal center.  

Lehigh Acres Park and Ride

Population within Lehigh Acres has grown significantly by approximately 30% since 2010 creating a demand for additional transit services. LeeTran has an opportunity to centrally locate a Park & Ride facility within Lehigh Acres along Williams Ave that will provide additional services to and from the community. Many residence work or frequent areas outside of Lehigh Acres and a Park & Ride will give residence the option to park their vehicle and ride a bus to these locations not only reducing their fuel cost but also decreases traffic on the roadways. This project has an estimated cost of approximately $3 million and LeeTran will apply for a grant to subsidize the project.

Farebox Upgrade

Farebox electronically registers and collects fares on board its fixed-route vehicles. LeeTran will be replacing the current equipment as it is very old and as a result, it breaks down frequently having a negative impact on the patrons boarding process, efficient operation of service due to increased times at bus stops and additional breakdown along routes. It is also difficult to maintain due to the inability to find parts for the current equipment. The new Farebox will have new equipment in all fixed-route buses that meet the current and future identified needs related to fare collection and media, corresponding cash drop and probe equipment to accommodate the new farebox equipment’s vaults/technology and electronic media on fixed-route buses. Additional benefits are data reporting functionality to meet planning, finance, and other organizational data needs related to farebox-collected information, point of Sale locations throughout Lee Tran’s service area, ticket vending machines on several of our transfer points and mobile ticketing are among the upgrades. Anticipated implementation for this farebox technology will be the later part of 2020 and will be funded from two Urbanized Area Formula grants.  

Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA)

Transit agencies periodically perform a COA to identify system inefficiencies and propose budget-conscious and innovative solutions that an agency can implement through its Transit Development Plan. LeeTran will have the analysis performed and completed prior to the end of this year.

Transit Development Plan (TDP)

This is a 10-year plan that will serve as a guide for the future of public transportation in Lee County for 2020–2030. It represents the transit agency's vision to promote transit growth and improvement in Lee County and the region over the next decade. Florida is one of the few states that require transit agencies to prepare TDPs as a stipulation to receive state funding however, transit agencies have made it a practice to use their plans to not only satisfy Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) requirements, but to foster consensus among local decision-makers on how to strategically implement the long-term vision and achieve community goals. The LeeTran TDP is not due until the year 2021 however, FDOT requested that we align our timeline with the surrounding counties of 2020 and it will be completed prior to the end of this year. The COA is instrumental to the TDP and will be done in conjunction. This project will be funded through the Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization (LeeMPO).

Passenger Amenities Program (PAP)

The PAP is a consultants assessment of existing infrastructure including transit bus stops, amenities and bus route infrastructure improvements. This project will continue forward once we have results of the Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) and Transit Development Plan (TDP).