Service changes in effect April 25th

Several bus routes will return to their off-season schedules beginning Sunday, April 25th, affecting service for Fort Myers Beach, Estero, Bonita Springs, the Downtown River District and the LinC connection with Collier Area Transit (CAT). 

The routes that will be changing are Route 40, Route 110, Route 410/490, Route 515 and Route 600.

Details are as follows:

  • Fort Myers Beach: Seasonal tram service will end Sunday, April 25th and Beach Trolley service will transition to off-season schedule.
  • The Fort Myers River District Trolleys (Gold 505 and Blue 500 lines) will end seasonal service on Sunday, April 25th.
  • Route 600 will transition to the off-season schedule.
  • The Lehigh routes 110 and 515 will now be interlined on all trips. Interlined routes allow riders to continue on to their destination without transferring buses. At the end of the route 110, the bus will continue on to the route 515 and vice versa. Riders on board will not have to pay an additional fare to continue on this interlined route. Anyone taking the 515 to Fort Myers or the 110 to Lehigh will no longer have to get off the bus and transfer at Homestead Plaza where as of April 25th, this stop will no longer exist.  The 110 becomes the 515 at the Plaza Drive & Homestead Road bus stop #10971. This is also true the opposite way. 

Please see the schedules below for updated maps and times.

Riders are asked to observe recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for social distancing. For more information, visit

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Route 5

Edison Mall to The Forum

Route 120

Edison Mall to Cape Coral Transfer Center

Route 10

Edison Mall and Dunbar

Route 130

Edison Mall to Beach Park and Ride

Route 15

Downtown Fort Myers and Tice

Merchants Crossing to Bell Tower
Dunbar and Downtown Fort Myers

Route 150

Lovers Key State Park to Bonita Grande

Route 30

Route 160
Pine Island to Cape Coral

Route 40

Cape Transfer Center to Coralwood Mall

Route 240

Bell Tower to Coconut Point Mall

Route 50

SW FL Airport to Beach Park and Ride

Route 410, 490 and Tram

Route 490 - Beach Park and Ride to Times Square

Route 410 - Bowditch Park to Lovers Key State Park

Free Trams - Bowditch Park to Fort Myers Beach Public Library

Route 410 and 490

Effective April 25, 2021

Route 490 - Beach Park and Ride to Times Square

Route 410 - Bowditch Park to Lovers Key State Park

Route 60

US 41 and Constitution to Gulf Coast Town Center

Route 515

Lehigh Circulator, Homestead Plaza to Joel Blvd.

Route 515

Effective April 25, 2021

Lehigh Circulator, Homestead Plaza to Joel Blvd.

​​Route 70

Cape Coral and Fort Myers

​​Route 590

North Fort Myers, Suncoast Estates Loop

Route 80
Bell Tower Shops to Edison Mall

Route 595

Route 100
Riverdale to Downtown Ft Myers

Effective April 25, 2021

Coconut Point Mall to Creekside Transfer Center

Route 110

Lehigh Acres to Edison Mall

Route 110

Effective April 25, 2021

Lehigh Acres to Edison Mall