LeeTran is committed to providing reliable, safe, and satisfying transportation options for the residents and visitors of Lee County. Customer satisfaction is a core value of our organization.   Customers of LeeTran are a fundamental aspect of our business and as such, their feedback is crucial to the growth and development of the agency. 

LeeTran's Feedback Policy has been established to ensure that riders of all modes of the system, including bus and paratransit services have an easy and accessible way to provide feedback to the agency. This document contains the Lee County feedback process for bus and ADA complementary paratransit services. All feedback is welcome and will be reviewed by the LeeTran staff in a timely manner. After initial review, the feedback will be distributed to the appropriate agency representative(s).

To report feedback regarding LeeTran Service may be submitted either by phone, mail, e-mail, online or in person. Contact info is below. 

  • LeeTran Customer Service 239-533-8726
  • LeeTran Passport Service 239-533-0300
  • In Person: Rosa Parks Transfer Center, 2250 Widman Way Ft Myers, FL 33901; Main LeeTran Facility 3401 Metro Parkway, Ft Myers, FL 33901
  • Mail: 3401 Metro Parkway, Ft Myers, FL 33901
  • Online: http://www.leegov.com/rfa
  • Email: rideleetran@leegov.com

All feedback received will be entered in to the Request for Action database to initiate further examination. Written, emailed and phoned in comments may be scanned and/or attached to the electronic feedback file.

When submitting feedback, please provide as much detailed information as possible including your contact information, mobility aid used (if any), date, time and location of the incident, route number, van or bus number, names or ID numbers of employees or others, a description of occurrences relates to the feedback, and any other documentation to assist in the examination and resolution process.

Reasonable Modification and ADA-related feedback will be designated as such.


Anyone who submits feedback and provides return contact information will receive an initial acknowledgment of the submitted comment, as required, within two  (2) business days of receipt. The comment provider will also receive a follow-up email once the inquiry has been resolved.

Feedback Review Process: 

  • Feedback will be forwarded to the appropriate manager for action
  • Questions and comments regarding discrimination or bias will be sent to the ADA Coordinator or EEO contacts as per policy

Responses shall be in the format requested, i.e. written, verbal, e-mail, and/or alternative or accessible format.

LeeTran will maintain files for all submitted feedback. The Customer Service Department will compile a summary of customer comments on a monthly basis for LeeTran operations and administrative staff for use in reviewing and evaluating service, and to evaluate trends and establish any corrective actions. 

Spanish version of Complaint Policy available.

French Creole version of Complaint Policy available.