The Lee County Land Development Code (LDC) constitutes a complete codification of the general and permanent land development ordinances of Lee County, Florida. This LDC details the transit facilities' development standards, and refers to Lee County Transit, or LeeTran, the County’s public transportation service. When developing new, or modifying existing, commercial, industrial or residential establishments, developers are required to improve LeeTran’s bus stop infrastructure. Specifically, the LDC Division 7 Sec. 10-441 – 443 outlines the thresholds that trigger bus stop improvements and the required facilities at each bus stop, depending on the intensity of the project. Moreover, LDC Division 2 Sec. 10-296 provides additional context on the street design and construction standards for transit facilities.

To help guide developers through the requirements, LeeTran has created the below infographic* to illustrate the ordinances and answer common questions regarding this section of the LDC. If developers have any questions, please contact or call (239) 533-0340. Alternatively, developers may visit the LDC webpage hosted on Municode for the text-based version.

Lee County LDC Requirements and Standards LeeTran.png

DOWNLOAD a PDF version of the LDC infographic

*Infographic is for illustrative purposes only and is not binding. While the infographic is intended for informational purposes pertaining to these sections of the LDC, it may not cover all situations in which transit facility improvements are required.