All multifamily residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and infrastructure projects and subdivisions are required to obtain a Development Order before beginning any site work or obtaining any building permits.

Development Orders are divided into three categories:

  • Large Development Order
    More than 10 acres in size or include 2 or more acres of impervious area

  • Small Development Order
    Less that 10 acres in size or have less than 2 acres of impervious area 

  • Limited Development Order
    Used for specific smaller projects that are considered to have insignificant impacts. These Limited Development Orders are divided into five types.

    • Type D: The type typically needed for new utility lines within existing rights-of-way or easements.

Development Orders are submitted to Lee County Community Development, where they are distributed to appropriate departments for review.

For additional information on the Development Order process, applications, etc., please visit Community Development.

What’s Next?

Projects located within LCU's water and/or wastewater service areas that require System Enhancements in order to serve are known as an LCU Developer-Contributed Asset ProjectsSuch projects require separate submittal to LCU. Once you have received an Approved Development Order or a Stipulated Utility Approval, you may move on to the LCU Developer Contributed Asset Project process.

Additional Helpful Services and Related Links 

Informal/Pre-Application Meetings are available with staff and are encouraged prior to submitting an application for a Development Order. These meeting are provided at no charge and are intended to allow residents, developers and/or design professionals to determine what types of uses are allowed on a particular parcel or parcels, discuss details of a proposed project and to obtain general guidance in the development process. 

The link above may be used to look up closed and/or issued cases included Development Orders, Zoning Cases, etc.

The link above may be used to look up Development Order, Building Permits, Contractor Licensing, Code Violation Cases, Well Permits, LCU Developer Projects, etc.