In February 2010, the Board of County Commissioners approved dividing the former Lee County Utilities Operations Manual into two separate manuals for improved efficiency. The fiscal sections (1 through 3) of the former manual are now the Lee County Utilities Customer Service Operations Manual.

The remaining sections (4 through 13) of the former manual became Sections 1 through 10 of the Lee County Utilities Design Manual. Lee County Utilities staff is in the process of updating these sections, which will be posted below as they become available.

Design Manual



Definitions & Abbreviations


Table of Contents


General Conditions


General Responsibilities, Requirements & Processes


Potable Water Systems


Sanitary Sewer Systems


Effluent Reuse Systems


Standard Plan Notes  Updated 08/04/2022


Standard Details


Forms  Updated 02/07/2020


Approved Materials    


Technical Specifications 


Cross Connection Control Program

Lift Station Electrical Standards  Updated 12/31/2020