Projects located within LCU's water and/or wastewater service areas and requiring system enhancements in order to serve are known as LCU Developer-Contributed Asset Projects. These projects can range from adding a fire line, fire hydrant or single-service connection to an existing building; to complete water distribution and gravity collection systems to support a new residential, commercial, or industrial development or combination thereof.  All such system enhancements are at the Developer's expense and are to be constructed per Land Development Code Requirements as well as requirements in the LCU Design Manual.

The majority of LCU Developer-Contributed Asset Projects begin with a Development Order. However, fire hydrants, fire lines and single-service connections typically do not.

For those projects requiring a Development Order: Once you have received either an Approved Development Order or a Stipulated Approval from the Utility Reviewer, you may begin the LCU Developer Contributed Asset Process.

LCU Developer-Contributed Asset Processes

  • Approval to Construct

    • Step 1
      • Submit an LCU New Project: Project Information/Submittal Form to LCU.
        Design Manual Forms.
      • LCU Staff will prepare an LCU Fee Quote for the project along with checklists identifying all of the items that are to be included in the Approval to Construct Submittal as well as the Final Acceptance Submittal.
    • Step 2
      • Submit your Approval to Construct Package.
      • Please be sure to include all items noted on the Checklist provided with the fee quote.  Incomplete packages will delay the LCU Review Process and/or may be returned to you.

      • LCU Staff will review paperwork included in the submittal package for compliance with LCU requirements and provide any comments or concerns to the Engineer of Record.
      • Once any comments or concerns have been addressed, the plans will be forwarded on for Technical Review.
      • Once the plans have been approved, project is submitted to LCU Director for Approval.
    • Step 3
      • Any necessary FDEP Permits are obtained by the Engineer of Record
      • A pre-construction meeting is conducted with LCU Staff, The Engineer of Record and the Underground Contractor.
    • Step 4
      • Construction
      • Testing
      • Inspections
      • Project moves on to Final Acceptance

Flow Chart – LCU Approval to Construct Process

  • Final Acceptance Process

    • Step 1
      • Engineer of Record submits LCU Final Acceptance Package.
        Please be sure all items identified on the checklist provided with the Fee Quote are included in the package. Incomplete packages will delay the LCU Review process and/or may be returned.
      • LCU Staff will review both the paperwork and the Record Drawings for compliance with LCU requirements and will provide comments or concerns to the Engineer of Record.
      • Once any comments or concerns have been addressed and the package has been deemed sufficient for Final Acceptance, any necessary FDEP Certifications of Completion are forwarded to the Engineer of Record for submittal to applicable agency(ies).
    • Step 2
      • FDEP clears the constructed infrastructure/facilities to be placed into service.
    • Step 3
      • The project is submitted to the LCU Director for Approval.
      • Project is complete.
        • Note:  Some projects require additional steps before they are considered to be complete.  Such projects could include LCU Easements to be recorded, certain types of agreements or special circumstances that would require County Attorney and/or County Manager Approval. Please see the flow chart below for additional information.

Flow Chart – LCU Final Acceptance Process