​Cross Connection Program and Backflow Prevention

​Lee County Utilities (LCU) is committed to helping protect your drinking water system from potential contamination through an active Cross-Connection Control (CCC) and Backflow Prevention Program.

This program is in accordance with Ordinance #95-21 and Florida Administrative Code 62-555.360.

Water customers are responsible for installation, maintenance, testing and repairs.
​Test Reports
​Test reports are filed electronically by the certified backflow assembly tester via BSI Online, using the Customer Confirmation Number (CCN). Lee County requires the meter number when submitting a test online. Please ensure to obtain this information when performing a test.

​​LCU’s backflow prevention program requires approved assemblies to be installed per LCU’s standards. Annual testing of those assemblies performed by a certified backflow tester. To find LCU’s list of acceptable backflow preventers click here.

For Cross-Connection assembly standard detail sheets in LCU’s Design Manual, click here.

​Tester Company Support
Testing Company Support
For more information on becoming an approved tester, please visit BSI Online.
See BSI’s Tester Instruction brochure: click here.
Water Customer Support
Customers can log into the customer portal, using their CCN to:
  • Obtain a list of testers
  • Check on the status of test reports
  • Sign up to receive notification when your tester hasfiled test reports.
​Frequently Asked Questions

What is Backflow?

Backflow refers to the reverse flow of non-potable water, or other substances, through a cross-connection and into the piping of a public water system. Two types of backflow are backpressure backflow and back-siphonage.

What is Cross-Connection?

A cross connection is any direct or indirect connection, whether intentionally or unintentionally done, between the County’s water system and the customer’s water supply that may contain any substance of unknown or unsafe quality. Therefore, cross-connection control is the management or “control” of these cross-connections to protect public safety by preventing backflow incidents within the public or water consumer’s potable water system.

What is a backflow prevention assembly?

A backflow prevention assembly is a testable mechanical device which uses valves, in different configurations, to prevent contaminated water or chemicals from flowing back into the public drinking water supply system. A cross-control assembly may reduce your water pressure between 7 and 14 p.s.i.

Why do I need one?

A cross-connection can occur at both commercial and residential properties. For commercial customers, cross-connections exist in many forms, from carbonated beverage machines and icemakers, to fire sprinkler systems and x-ray machines. It is not uncommon for a commercial property to have multiple cross-connections at their facility.

Why do backflow assemblies need to be tested?

Mechanical backflow prevention assemblies have internal seals, springs and moving parts that are subject to fouling, wear or fatigue. In addition, mechanical backflow preventers and air gaps can be bypassed. Therefore, all backflow mechanical backflow prevention assemblies have to be tested with properly calibrated gauge equipment.