Lee County Utilities is committed to helping protect your drinking water system from potential contamination through an active Cross-Connection Control (CCC) and Backflow Prevention Program. ​This program is in accordance with Ordinance #95-21 and Florida Administrative Code 62-555.360.

LCU has updated its CCC and Backflow Prevention Policy in March 2016. A presentation was given to the Building Industry Association on March 10, 2016 to highlight those changes.

You can review the updated policy and to learn more out more about Lee County Utilities' CCC and Backflow Prevention Program in the Cross Connection Control Policy.

You may also contact Dewayne Tagg at 239-533-8261.

Certified Backflow Testers

Current Certified Backflow Testers

If you are currently providing testing for Lee County Utilities' customers and need to report a backflow device tester form, please contact BSI at 800-414-4990.

New Certified Backflow Testers

For more information on becoming an approved tester, please contact BSI at 800-414-4990.

Approved Devices

Please see the 'Approved Materials' located in the 'Design Manual' page.