​Lee County Utilities (LCU) is a division of the newly formed Department of Public Utilities, which also includes the Lee County Division of Solid Waste. There are significant parallels in operating practices that can be efficiently provided through shared resources. The Department of Public Utilities is committed to responding quickly to our customers' concerns and providing them with reliable drinking water and sewer service.

LCU was founded in 1968 and began as a small community water utility. It has since evolved into an award-winning utility providing services to more than 254,047 customers.

LCU is committed to:

  • Providing reliable drinking water and wastewater service
  • Protecting the environment and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Responding quickly to customers' concerns
  • Achieving financial sustainability by building upon long-term assets
  • Employing safe business practices to measure and manage risk, optimize life-cycle costs and prioritize capital and Operations and Maintenance decisions