New Development relates to Developer-Contributed Asset Projects, which include developer-funded enhancements to LCU's water and/or wastewater systems. These can be as simple as a fire hydrant or fire line, or as complex as all water and wastewater infrastructure necessary to support a complete residential and/or commercial development within LCU's service area. 

We are actively involved in each facet of the project from Development Order Submittal/Approval through Final Acceptance of the constructed infrastructure for Lee County Ownership and Maintenance, and placing into service.

New Development Team

LCU's "Development Team" ​is responsible for assisting developers, engineering firms, contractors and the public through the various processes involved with Developer Projects, including but not limited to:

  • Planning
  • Permitting
  • Constructing
  • Final Acceptance
Team members are well-acquainted with the LCU Service Area; existing infrastructure; policies and procedures; and rates and fees.


Team Members and Responsibilities

Team Member​Title​Main Responsibilities​e-mail address
​Nathan Beals, PMP​ManagerDevelopment Review Nbeals@leegov.com
​Terry Kelley​Development Review Representative​Development Order Review Tkelley2@leegov.com
​Mary McCormic​Senior Engineer Technician​LCU Developer Project Review


​Susie Fernandez​Technician Senior​New Installations


​Judi Overbee​Customer Service Technician​New Installations


Phone: 239-533-8181
​Address: Lee County public works building, 1500 Monroe St., 3rd floor, Fort Myers, FL 33901