At the time of sign-up, customers may be required to pay a security deposit for water and/or sewer service. The deposits earn annual interest, which is credited to the customer's account in September or at the time the account closes.


Customer deposits will be credited to the customer's account for all account types both residential and commercial that has met all of the following:

  1. The customer has had twenty-three (23) months of continuous service.
  2. The customer has not provided LCU with a dishonored payment.
  3. The customer has not had more than two (2) late payments.
  4. The customer's service was not disconnected for non-payment.
  5. The customer has not illegally tampered with their water meter. 

If a customer terminates service before 23 months of continuous service has lapsed, the security deposit(s) will be applied as a credit to the their  final bill.  Any remaining credit balance will be refunded to the customer.  Requests to issue County Warrants (refunds) must be verified and checks issued via the Lee County Finance Department.  The processing time for deposit refunds can take between 2‑4 weeks from regular billing date. No LCU employee, or other County employee, or contract operator for LCU, has authorization to directly disburse funds to the customer.   LCU and its employees shall strictly adhere to disbursement transactions which are legal and proper, and in full compliance with all appropriate policies and procedures as established by LCU.

Any refund less than $5 will not be returned to the customer, unless a written request has been submitted by the customer.

Waiving Deposits

Deposits may be waived for single-family residential accounts (only) if the customer can provide one of the following:

  1. You have had an established account with LCU within the last two years meeting ALL of the following conditions:
    • The services provided by LCU was for 12 consecutive months.
    • During these months, service was not disconnected for a delinquent unpaid balance.
    • The account has had less than two late charges posted to it for past due balances.
  2. The customer can provide a letter of reference from their previous utility provider (gas, water, electric) confirming that services were provided within the last two years AND that their account has had a good payment history within the last 12 months of service.
  3. The customer enrolls in both LCU’s monthly autopay program and paperless billing programs. The customer will be allowed twenty (20) calendar days from the start of their new account to subscribe to LCU’s autopay and paperless billing or a guarantee deposit shall be billed to the customer for each service address.

IMPORTANT: Although deposits may be waived during the initial application process, deposits may be billed to the customer account at a later time if their utility account becomes delinquent.

Residential & Commercial Deposit Fees

​Residential Accounts

Meter Size

Water Deposit

Sewer Deposit

​Multi-Family​$48 X Units​$76 X Units
​Recreational Vehicles​$24 X Units​$38 X Units

​Commercial Accounts

​​Meter Size

​​Water Deposit

​​Sewer Deposit