All Developer Projects -- projects that involve construction of developer-funded system enhancements -- are required to pay Review Fees and in most cases, Connection Capacity Fees prior to receiving Approval to Construct.

Review Fees

LCU Review Fees are currently based on 1 percent of the cost of constructed facilities LCU will own and maintain once the project has been completed, or $790, whichever is greater. The cost of constructed facilities should include engineering, permitting, materials, installation, labor, etc. The review fees are intended to cover the cost of reviews and inspections by LCU staff as well as overseeing the project and assisting the Developer, Engineer & Underground Contractors throughout the project.

Connection/Capacity Fees

Connection/Capacity Fees are based on the LCU Rate Resolution in effect at the time Commitment to Serve is requested. These fees are calculated on an ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) basis. An ERU is defined as 250 GPD. Developer Projects are required to pay 50 percent of the applicable connection/capacity fees with their Approval to Construct Submittal Package and prior to LCU's commitment to serve. Commitment to Serve occurs once LCU staff signs any applicable Florida Department of Environmental Protection Permit Application(s) and/or Approves the Construction Plans for the project.  The remaining 50 percent is to be paid prior to the constructed infrastructure being placed into service.

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Pertinent Lee County Resolutions: