Monthly Billing

Businesses from both Lee and Hendry counties may establish disposal accounts to apply for monthly billing. There are different applications depending on where it is most convenient for you to dispose of waste material.

Disposal prices are subject to change annually.

Waste-to-Energy Plant and Lee/Hendry Landfill

  • If you want to dispose of material at the Waste to Energy plant or the Lee/Hendry landfill, please use this application form.

Hendry County Transfer Stations

  • If you want to dispose of material at either of the Hendry County transfer stations (Labelle or Clewiston), please use this application form.

Lee County Disposal Rates

Hendry County Disposal Rates

Special Wastes

Special Wastes that require approval prior to disposal at Lee County facilities include contaminated soils, sediments, sludges and sand; water and wastewater treatment residuals; asbestos containing material; and other materials or by-products that may contain regulated pollutants. 

Special wastes are typically managed at the Lee Hendry Landfill and must be approved and scheduled prior to delivery.