Compost Facility and Equipment.jpg 

Co-located at the Lee Hendry Landfill, Lee County operates a compost facility to manage biosolids from local wastewater treatment facilities. This processing facility was completed in February 2010, with partial operations beginning in December of 2009. This facility is one of eight permitted compost facilities in the State of Florida. 

The 8-acre site is comprised of six buildings, a paved curing and storage area, and a paved mulch storage area. Each building includes catch basins for collection of process liquids or runoff during the composting process. Storm water around the compost facility is collected and controlled within the storm water collection network for the landfill facility. Considering future needs of the County, the compost facility proactively addressed changes to 62-640 Florida Statutes, which limits land application of Class B biosolids in the near future.

A 2015 Expansion added three buildings, additional paved curing space, equipment maintenance areas, and a storage facility for compost prior to distribution. The expanded facility footprint is approximately 22 acres.