Approved Garbage Can.jpgApproved Garbage Cans:

  • 40-gallon garbage can with two handles and a tight-fitting lid; 50-pound weight limit including trash-- unless you live in an area that has automated collection and you have been provided a County-issued container. No limit on number of cans. Each residence must use appropriate garbage cans.
  • Use heavy mil plastic garbage bags for additional garbage (50-pound limit per bag). 
  • Use animal-proof containers; the garbage company is not responsible for spilled cans or torn bags.
  • Large steel drums are not approved cans.​

Approved Recycling Containers:

  • Place recyclable material in provided/approved containers.
  • Lee County provides wheeled recycling carts for each house. Request replacement recycling containers from your hauler or the Solid Waste Division. There is no limit on how many recyclables you can set out each week.
  • If you have more cardboard than will fit in your container, please flatten it and place it next to your recycling cart.
  • Do not use plastic bags as containers for recyclable materials, and do not put plastic bags in your recycling container!

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