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NOTICE: The Lee/Hendry Transfer Stations located in LaBelle and Clewiston will be partially closed at the end of September for reconstruction after hurricane damage. During this time service will be restricted. The Lee/Hendry Landfill will remain open.

Please see the notices below for more details, including adjusted schedule and traffic patterns for both sites:

LaBelle Transfer Station Public Notice.pdf Clewiston Transfer Station Public Notice.pdf

Lee County operates two Transfer Stations that are located in Hendry County. Transfer Stations are utilized as staging areas for waste to be transported to its final disposal site. 

The Lee/Hendry Transfer Stations are located at:
  • 1350 S Olympia Street, Clewiston, FL 33440
  • 1280 Forestry Division Road, LaBelle, FL 33935
The facilities consist of an enclosed waste transfer station building, associated roads and infrastructure, and the equipment necessary to receive and transfer solid waste to off-site recycling and/or disposal facilities; convenience boxes are also located at both facilities for citizen's use. Both facilities primarily accept residential and commercial municipal solid waste (MSW), construction and demolition debris (C&DD), horticulture waste (yard trash) and small amounts of white goods, waste tires and extra-large (off-road) tires. No waste is disposed of at either facility.