Recycle Smart instead!

There are only 5 materials that belong in your recycle cart.

 (Click on the picture of each material shown below for a quick informational video.)

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Junk mail, newsprint, magazines, copy paper, phone books, etc. Basically, any kind of paper except shredded, waxed, metallic or soiled. 

  • Used paper towels, tissues, etc. are considered soiled
  • No hardcover books - donate those instead
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Metal Cans


​Aluminum or steel (tin) cans 

No need to remove labels or crush cans.

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Any kind of box unless it held a liquid (such as those used to hold milk, juice, wine and broth). Flatten it to save room in your cart

About those pizza boxes - the lids can be recycled. The bottoms can be recycled if they do not have any food residue on them.

Plastic Containers


​Look for the numbers 1 -7 within the recycle triangles on the bottom of the container (no Styrofoam, no plastic bags)

Lids on? Lids off? Either way is fine.

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Green, brown and clear bottles and jars


Have a hard time remembering if an item goes in your recycle cart? The information is on the lid!

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