​Multi-family properties, for solid waste purposes, are defined as consisting of five units or more. They include apartment complexes, condos, mobile home parks, etc.

On-site recycling programs will include fiber (paper, newspaper, cardboard) and commingled containers (glass bottles, cans, plastic #1-#7).

The franchise hauler providing garbage service provides recycling service at no additional cost.

Tenant Education

Multi-family properties must educate new tenants upon residency and remind tenants, at a minimum annually, regarding the property's recycling program. Education should indicate the What, How, and Where of the recycling program components. Some examples of educational materials include:

  • Informational posters
  • Distribution flyers
  • Common area postings
  • Other creative ideas to spread the word about the company's program


Newly constructed multi-family properties must start a recycling program within 14 days of commencing garbage service.​

Multi-family properties that are not in compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance are subject to a $300 fine per incident.