​household item​disposal method
Aerosol Cans

​Empty cans: Regular garbage.

Partially full cans: Take them to the Topaz Court Solid Waste Facility.  

Books (Hard-covered)​Donate to Library or Hospital/Senior Center/etc. May be placed in the recycling bin if the hardcovers are removed. Otherwise, dispose of it in regular garbage.  

​Household alkaline batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volts can all go in with your regular garbage. Button batteries for watches and hearing aids can also go in your regular garbage.

Nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries found in cordless phones, rechargeable batteries like those found in cordless drills, and car batteries should all be taken to the Topaz Court Solid Waste Facility.

Cardboard Boxes  Place curbside for recycling collection. Break down larger boxes and stack them neatly next to your recycle cart.​
CDs, DVDs, Floppy Discs, Tapes​Regular garbage
Clay Pots  ​Regular garbage
Clothing Sell, donate to charity or place in regular garbage.
Concrete blocks (around garden)Regular garbage containerized no heavier than 50 lbs. at the curb with garbage collection​
Construction & Demolition Debris
(roofing shingles, concrete, carpet, etc.)
​If the project does not require a permit, the material can be placed in curbside garbage (up to 2 cubic yards at a time) or containerized no heavier than 50 lbs. in each container. Cut carpet down to 6 ft. in length and roll it up neatly in sections weighing 50 lbs. or less. If the project does require a permit, it is subject to mandatory recycling regulations.
Dishes/Drinking Glasses/Pots & PansDonate to charity or dispose of in regular garbage
Electronic Items
(computers-all components, printers, copiers, scanners, televisions, etc.)

​Place curbside next to, but separated from, regular garbage. The driver will log electronic equipment and an electronics truck will come the following day to collect it. You may also bring it to the Topaz Court Solid Waste Facility.
Joint Compound​Regular garbage. Needs to be solidified. If in buckets, buckets can not weigh over 50 lbs.
Junk Mail, Phone Books ​Recycle bin
​Light Bulbs​Fluorescent tubes, UV and Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs should all be brought to the Topaz Court Solid Waste Facility for proper disposal. LED bulbs can go in with your regular garbage.
Photos​Regular garbage
PVC Pipe​Containerize in boxes, buckets, trash cans, etc. in containers that weigh no more than 50 lbs. each and place curbside with regular trash, cut to 6 ft. or less
Shopping Carts Return cart to store/shop ​
Shredded Papers ​Regular garbage
Smoke Detectors ​Return to manufacturer for proper disposal
Styrofoam (packaging/peanuts)​Regular garbage
Tires​Passenger-sized tires can be placed curbside (2 per week) for regular pick up
Toilets​Regular garbage
Toys ​Donate to a charity or place in the regular garbage
Wax Paper​Regular garbage
X-Rays ​Regular garbage or return to your medical provider