Fiberglass boats, jet skis, campers and recreational vehicles must be disposed of at the Lee/Hendry Landfill. Please call our Customer Service staff at 239-533-8000 to coordinate disposal with landfill staff.

Vehicles must have the following items removed prior to disposal.
  • ​All batteries, engines, transmissions and final drives
  • ​Differential and rear ends, drained of all fluids and with the inspection cover removed
  • ​Appliances within the vehicle such as refrigerators or stoves
  • ​Fuel, water, septic, and other tanks with both the top and bottom removed to ensure  no liquid can become trapped. Liquid wastes are prohibited.

You must bring all necessary tools and be prepared to safely remove and haul away any tires from any vehicle or vessel being disposed, including any boat trailers.

Metal boats should be disposed of at scrap dealer.