​MOST IMPORTANT - Storm debris should be placed at the curb and not in the roadway. Placing debris in the roadway creates a hazard for traffic and emergency responders.
  • Storm debris will be collected separately from your normal household trash and recycling so please keep it in separate piles: garbage, yard waste, building debris, appliances and other wastes. The Federal Emergency Management Agency requires documentation of the volume and type of debris collected to reimburse the county for storm clean up.
  • DO NOT set household chemicals at the curb - those need to be taken to the Topaz Court Solid Waste Annex at 6441 Topaz Ct. Fort Myers, FL 33966. Mixing chemicals with your other debris creates a fire hazard.
  • ​Do not place anything beneath low hanging obstacles like trees or power lines or near anything like water meters, fire hydrants or mail boxes.
  • ​Only debris generated from the hurricane on maintained residential property is eligible for collection.
  • ​Yard waste from the hurricane does not need to bundled. Place it in piles that can easily be managed by collection personnel with a claw truck. 
  • ​Appliance doors must be secured or removed. All food must be removed from any appliance set at the curb.
  • ​Inedible food should be properly containerized or bagged and placed with the garbage.
  • Storm debris collection crews may require several passes to clear your area.  Please monitor the news and this website for more detailed information related to debris collection in your specific area.