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The above All Hazards Guide meets the ADA standards for accessibility.  However, if you are having problems accessing or navigating this document, contact Samantha Westen at 239-533-2112 or swesten@leegov.com.

The printed All Hazards Guides are at the EOC.  Call 239-533-0622 to make arrangements to pickup a bundle for your facility.

​Hurricanes & Tropical Storms

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale 
Hurricanes & Flooding
Lee County Evacuation Map   
Know Your Evacuation Zone

Getting Prepared

Plan - Prepare - Pass it on
Hurricane Supply List
Persons with Disabilities
Evacuate or Shelter in Place?
Home & Insurance Prep

Preparing Your Home

Flood Preparation
Pet Safety Tips
Preparing your Boat 
Drainage Systems


General Population Shelters & Pet-Friendly Shelters
Special Medical Needs Shelters
Emergency Public Shelter List

Information & Telephone Numbers

Welcome Letter from the Director 
Lee County Emergency Information
Television & Radio Stations
Online Tools

Clean Up & Recovery

Disaster Recovery
Dealing with Traumatic Events
After the Storm
Roof Repairs
Storm Debris Clean up 
Health Tips after Storms

Other Hazardous Events

Thunderstorms & Lightning
Terrorism Preparation