Drainage Systems Require Maintenance

Lee County is interlaced with a system of canals, ditches, and waterways that serve to direct the flow of floodwater. It is most important that these elements of the floodwater drainage system be kept clear of debris and trash that could impede the flow of water during a flood situation.

To report drainage problems in incorporated areas call your city Public Works. In unincorporated Lee County, Call Lee County DOT at 239-533-9400 or email rfa@leegov.com.

Dumping of debris and trash in the drainage system or alteration of the channels is prohibited. Violators should be reported to law enforcement or public works officials.

Further information on flood mitigation techniques, such as flood proofing and elevation can also be found at the website for the Federal Emergency Management Agency: www.fema.gov/hazus/prevent-disaster-losses.