Evacuation Time

Evacuation Clearance Times: The time necessary to safely evacuate people from the point when the evacuation order is given until the last evacuee can either leave the evacuation zone, or arrive at safe shelter within the County.

Southwest Florida has been identified as the hardest place in the country to evacuate in a disaster due to our large population and limited road system. What does this mean for you? 

You need to evacuate early, and absolutely no later than when an evacuation order is given.

Moving people in Lee County can take up to 41 hours, and that time only increases once you leave the County. It can take up to 89 hours to evacuate out of Southwest Florida simply because of the roadways. When Emergency Management issues evacuation orders, we realize the weather may be beautiful outside; however, it won't be for long, and we need you to reach safety before the danger reaches our world-famous beaches. 

Read a more detailed, printable explanation of Evacuation Clearance Times, or read it using JAWS software.

 Evacuation Transportation

When a hurricane or other disaster requires a mandatory evacuation, many residents use public transportation to get to and from an emergency shelter. At this time, the following applies during mandatory evacuation:

All LeeTran regular bus routes and transfer points remain in service, with the following exceptions:

  • Bus fares will be waived.
  • LeeTran will run shuttles from designated Transfer Stations to move evacuees to open emergency shelters.
  • LeeTran will run shuttles from emergency shelters to Transfer Stations when shelters are closed.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Pickup times may be delayed due to increased numbers of riders.
  • Evacuation transport service will NOT be provided into Collier County. Fixed route service will cease at Bonita K-Mart.
  • Bonita K-Mart riders/evacuees will be transported to the Coconut Point Mall's transfer point.
  • Buses will run as needed from Pine Island and Sanibel Island to designated transfer points.

Evacuees should keep in mind there is limited space on the bus ​and in the shelter when packing your three days' worth of emergency supplies. LeeTran will transport you and your pet (dogs and cats only) to the Pet Friendly Shelter IF your pet is in a crate or carrier.

LeeTran's Passport (ADA) division will activate its priority list, transporting those who require medical treatment first, and those who are deemed transportation-disadvantaged second. The bus fares will resume when the evacuation order has been lifted. 

Click the LeeTran logo below for bus route information.

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 Know Your Evacuation Zone

Do you know your Evacuation Zone?

Hurricane evacuation zones are no longer referenced by storm category, but are now named by hurricane surge evacuation zones: A, B, C, D and E. We want you to know your zone, and to challenge your friends and family to know the same!

Download/view a map of Evacuation Zones, Routes and Shelter locations

Why is it important to know your zone in Lee County?

We are evacuated by zones for storm surge and wind, in a phased manner. This means we may order the evacuation of zone A before you see any effects of the tropical storm.

Know Your Zone, It's Everyone's Responsibility.

How can you be better prepared, quickly?

It only takes a few mouse clicks to start preparing!

  1. Find My Evacuation Zone (click on the magnifying glass to enter your address)
  2. Make your written Emergency Plan.
Hurricane Evacuation Zone A icon, red colorHurricane Evacuation Zone B icon, orange colorHurricane Evacuation Zone C icon, yellow color Hurricane Evacuation Zone D icon, green colorHurricane Evacuation Zone E icon, purple color

 Evacuation Checklist