​When preparing for emergencies, you must first determine what your risks are or to what you are vulnerable.  Our Hazard Vulnerability shows how much or how little Lee County is "at risk" for all hazards.  This list shows that we are somewhat vulnerable to a wide variety of risks, such as pandemics, cyber attacks, hazardous material spills, bridge failure, and others.  Some of the hazards that we are most vulnerable to in Lee County are weather-related events, which include thunderstorm winds, lightning strikes, wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, tropical storms and storm surge.

Emergency Management has emergency plans for how to respond to each of these hazards.  Our All Hazards Guide publication provides information to help you prepare before a disaster, and many resources that can assist you after a disaster.

Hurricanes, Tropical Storms & Storm Surge

Living in Lee County provides access to some of the world's most beautiful and famous beaches.  It is the very shallow coastline and low land elevation of Lee County that also makes it vulnerable to Storm Surge.  Hurricanes that parallel or approach our coastline can drive large amounts of water across the land, endangering lives and property.  Storm surge does not stay only at the coastline, it can travel miles inland, as well.  Find Your Evacuation Zone so you will be prepared for any evacuations from tropical storms or hurricanes.


Flooding can result from a variety of causes, such as extended periods of heavy rain, sheetflow moving south from northern counties, rivers overflowing their banks, and tropical storms or hurricanes.  Flood zones and Surge zones are not the same.  You can Find Your Flood Zone and learn more about flood safety using the tools provided on this site.


Wildfires happen for a variety of reasons, lightning strikes being one of them.  Local fire fighters work closely with Florida Forest Service and others to battle these blazes when they erupt.  When needed, we coordinate  with our partner agencies to support the fire fighters.  What can you do to help keep your home and property safe from wildfires?  Learn to become Firewise to protect yourself, your property and your neighborhood.