The time to develop and practice your emergency plan is prior to hurricane season. Some things to consider when creating your plan are:

  • Know your risks.
    • In which Storm Surge/Evacuation Zone do you live?
    • Are you in a flood zone?
    • Do you live in a mobile or manufactured home?
    • What year was your house built?
    • Does your house have storm shutters?
  • Prepare several evacuation or sheltering options for your family.
    • Shelter at home if it is safe from winds and storm surge waters.
    • Shelter outside of the evacuation area, with a friend, or at a hotel.
    • Go to a Public Shelter if you have no other safe place to go.
  • Prepare your Emergency Supply Kit before the start of hurricane season.
  • Secure items in and around your home before tropical storm force winds arrive.
  • Be sure all family members know who to call or where to gather if you become separated.
  • Let family and friends in other locations know your evacuation plans.
The Family Emergency Plan is a great tool to help you create a plan that is specific to your family's needs.