​Technology is turning the tide of emergency communications. These new devices have increased our ability to engage our community in a different environment, allowing more feedback at the local level. 

LeeEOC.com offers a variety of resources that provide useful information:


​Our Facebook page offers preparedness information in addition to emergency information in real time.  Find us at www.facebook.com/LCEMFL and www.facebook.com/LCEMVolunteers

to see how you can help Lee County prepare.


​Lee County Emergency Management operates two different twitter accounts:

@LeeEOC - offers purely emergency information

@LCEMFL - offers the above and preparedness and general info

LeeAlertslogo.png​LeeAlert is our FREE app, soon to be available on Apple and Android.  It allows users to find their evacuation zone.  It can locate the users by GPS or the user can search by address.  You can also sign-up for evacuation text notifications on your device.
KnowYourZonelogo.png​Know Your Zone Portal:  this portal allows users to input their address to find their evacuation zone.  There are also designated badges for each zone, which users can save on their computer or share on social media.
SMSalertslogo.png​SMS Text Alerts:  Located at the top of LeeEOC.com, users can enter their phone number to receive "Breaking News" updates via text message.

​CodeRED:  CodeRED is a FREE Lee County service by which residents and businesses are notified by telephone, text and/or email, regarding emergencies or critical protective actions required to safeguard life and property.  Sign up at  https://public.coderedweb.com/cne/en-US/BFB7CC4C6C0A.


​NOAA Weather Radios provide 24-hour continuous broadcasting of current and forecasted weather conditions.  They are the earliest warning system for sudden weather hazards like tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and hail storms.


​The Emergency Alert System (radio and TV) and the Wireless Emergency Alerts (cell phones) are alert notification systems provided by the Federal Government, and may be used by State and Local authorities for emergencies.

​Other Available Resources: 

http://www.leeeoc.com/:  Our newly updated and user friendly website should be your first stop to find all the information and tools you need to prepare your family for any hazards found in Southwest Florida.

Family Preparedness Plan:  This is a comprehensive, easy to use template to create a Plan.

​Special Needs Program Application:  The Special Needs Program provides shelter or transportation for Lee County residents who live in a home and/or area that is not safe from storm surge or wind during a Tropical Storm or Hurricane.

Volunteer logo-sm.png

Volunteer Application:  Our volunteer program provides an array of volunteer services, including internships, office assistance, and emergency management opportunities.