Fires ensure continued diversity of wildlife and native vegetation.  Many animals depend on fire to thin out dense woods and many native plants need fire as part of their lifecycle.

Take steps to lower your wildfire risks:

  • Trim branches away from roofs and gutters
  • Remove dead or overgrown vegetation from around homes, boats, and sheds.
  • Plant less flammable, ornamental vegetation near structures.
  • Use chunky mulch or gravel.
  • Maintain a working irrigation system.
  • Cover eaves & other openings with wire mesh no larger that 1/8" openings.
  • Keep combustible items away from structures.
  • Build homes with fire-resistant materials.
  • Keep driveways clear and free of overhanging braches or overgrown plants.

When Wildfires Threaten the Community

  • Be prepared to evacuate immediately if requested.
  • Create an evacuation plan and share with family.
  • Follow emergency personnel directions.
  • Have important papers and items like medication readily available.
  • Make a plan for your pets.

More wildfire information can be found on the Florida Forest Service website