General Population Shelters

A shelter is a safe place to be during an emergency. However, it offers only the basic life-sustaining necessities. The shelter may not have electricity for the majority of your stay. It will be noisy, crowded and somewhat uncomfortable.

Lee County has a limited amount of shelters and space within the shelters.  Plan to use an alternate location.  If you have no other safe place to go, shelters will be open.

Not all shelters will be opened during every storm.  A list of Lee County shelters can be found in this publication and on our website –  Local radio, television news and our website will broadcast open shelters.

Service animals are allowed at all shelters.  "Service Animals" are defined as a dog or miniature horse that is trained to perform a service or task for their owners and are not pets. Comfort animals or emotional support animals are NOT service animals.

Be Prepared

Limited food and water will be available; bring three days' worth of your own food and water, too. Cots are not provided. Bring items that will help you through this difficult time such as sleeping bags, water, snacks or special dietary needs, books, clothing and medications.  

Arriving at the shelter

Accountability is important for your safety – register with shelter staff and check out if you leave.  Be considerate of others around you.  Listen for official information.  Consider volunteering to help shelter staff.

Pet-Friendly Shelters

Pet shelters will be available for every storm although locations may vary.  No registration is required.  For the safety of other sheltered people and animals, make alternate plans for any animals posing a danger.

Prepare a supply kit for your pets including non-perishable food & water, medications, sturdy cage or carrier, collar & leash, up-to-date vaccination records pet waste bags. Cat crates must be large enough to include a litter pan.  Your pets identification should be on its collar and consider microchipping for easier location should they get separated from you.  Lee County Animal Services offers a low-cost microchipping program to County pet owners.  More information can be found at or call 239-533-7387.

If you have exotic pets, check with your veterinarian for suggestions on shelters for them.

Lee County strives to provide a safe environment during emergency situations.  Smoking, alcohol and guns are prohibited at all shelters.

Preparation Tips

  • Know shelter locations.
  • Listen to the radio or look online for shelter opening information.
  • Prepare items needed at shelters – for family and pets.