Take precautions after the storm has passed.  Damage to your home can be extensive.  Relief supplies may take several days to arrive. Try to remain calm during this potentially emotional time.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Only call 911 for life-threatening situations.
  • Have a valid form of identification if needed for re-entry.
  • Call utility companies to report hazards, such as broken glass or water mains, downed power lines, or overturned gas tanks.
  • Avoid downed wires and standing water.
  • Stay tuned to local media for re-entry information.
  • Turn off the main breaker to your house.
  • Report suspicious contractors or unfairly high prices to authorities.
  • Repair open holes in your roof.
  • Photograph and take notes of all damages and make any necessary temporary repairs.
  • Be careful around wild & domestic animals.  Even if you know an animal it may be frightened or injured & could be dangerous.
  • If it is necessary to drive, avoid weakened roads, bridges, or tree limbs that could collapse unexpectedly.
  • Ask for a contractor's valid county contractor's license. Do not sign a contract if they are unlicensed or pay for services until the work is complete.

Need Assistance?

If you need help that is non-life threatening or have questions on where to get help to recover from a disaster, contact United Way:  Dial 211, call 239-433-2000 or visit their website www.unitedwaylee.org.