Lee County Ordinance 14-22 Prohibits the Tethering of Animals 

Details are explained in Section Three, 4. Cruelty of Animals, K. Supervision, Confinement, Caging and Tethering.

Dog tethered to tree 

The following summarizes the section of the ordinance related to tethering: 

  1. No person shall fasten, chain, tether, or otherwise tie an animal to any inanimate objects such as trees, buildings, fences, posts or other stationary objects with a rope, chain, cable, leash, lead strap or other physical restraint.
  2. Animals must wear a specifically manufactured and properly fitted collar or harness for purposes of attended, temporary tethering for recreational purposes.  A leash or lead may not be attached directly to the animal's neck in place of a manufactured collar or harness.  Chain, choke or prong collars are not allowed during tethering of an animal.
  3. Perimeter property fencing, a kennel or run may be used to restrain a domestic animal provided it is sufficient to prevent an animal from running at large. The minimum area for each animal must be large enough to provide each animal sufficient room to move about freely, stand, turn around and lie down without touching the sides of the perimeter fencing.  It must also include a solid top or covered area and bottom to protect an animal from direct sun, wind or rain, and it must be free from unsanitary conditions, including bodily waste, stagnant water and/or stale food, odor and parasites, including fleas, ticks and rodents.
  4. A structure in which an animal is housed must be well ventilated with fresh air from windows, doors, vents or fans.
  5. An electronic confinement system is an acceptable enclosure if the equipment if properly installed and maintained in continuous working order and the animal being contained wears the appropriate electronic collar when within the system perimeter.
  6. The section does not apply to animal owners using a leash or lead when involved in supervised recreational or outdoor enjoyment with their pet or caretakers of registered TNR colonies.
  7. Owners will be provided 30 days from the date of the citation issued to comply with this Section of the Ordinance.