Please help Animal Services in its mission to increase adoptions and reduce euthanasia rates. Our agency's goal is to create a network of rescue partners that will work with us to see that every adoptable pet is placed into a loving, life-long home.

Pet Placement Partnership Policy

The following information was established by Animal Services as guidelines to qualify as a pet placement partner with our agency:

  • Rescue organization must be an approved 50I(c)3 non-profit organization (proper documentation is necessary).
  • Current pets in the home of either the pet placement partner or released into the custody of a pet placement partnership volunteer must be vaccinated and licensed as required by Florida State Statute and Lee County Ordinance Relating to Animals.
  • Pet placement partners may not have any record of violating the Florida State Statute and/or Lee County Ordinance Relating to Animals.
  • Pets will be made available for adoption after the expiration of the stray holding period; however, during the stray holding period, the pet placement partner may be placed as the first applicant.
  • Approved pet placement partners who meet the criteria established above may be contacted by Animal Services' kennel operations staff if an animal is in need of placement. Animal Services encourages approved pet placement partners to contact Animal Services' kennel supervisors if there is an interest in transferring an animal after the expiration of the stray holding period.
  • Animals will only be held for pet placement partners two (2) business days after the expiration of the stray holding period and/or contacted by Animal Services' Kennel Supervisor that the animal is ready to be transferred to the pet placement partner.
  • Current adoption fees will apply for animals with no medical or behavioral issues.
  • Adoption Fees may be waived if:
    • Animals possess medical or behavior issues.
    • Shelter is at maximum capacity when Animal Services asks for assistance from pet placement partners
  • Approved pet placement partners may contact the following kennel operations staff for inquiries or assistance with transferring pets:

Pet Placement Partnership Application


Fax application to 239-277-7387, Attn: Kennel Supervisor Michele Penney. Include all required documentation of your organization's 501(c)3 status to avoid processing delay.

If you have additional questions about a specific animal, email