​disaster supplies checklist
​Portable, impact-resistant carrier (soft carriers do not provide enough protection)
​Food/water bowls, can opener, spoon
​A two- to three-week supply of your pet’s food and water in plastic bottles
​Pooper scooper and small plastic bags for dogs
​Litter and litter box for cats
At least a one-week supply of your pet’s regular medications ​
First Aid Kit (assemble your own kit)
​Health records, including vaccination records
​Instructions on your pet’s feeding schedules/diet, medications, any special needs
​Make sure your pets are wearing proper identification (a collar and a tag). Create a collar tag listing your pet's medical needs. Have your pet implanted with a microchip ID as a permanent form of identification. How does a microchip ID help my pet in a disaster?
​Dish soap and disinfectant, paper towels