How much does it cost to adopt a pet?

All fees can be found on our Fees page. 


What is covered in the adoption fee for cats and dogs?

Adoption Fees include:  At minimum, first round of vaccinations (DA2PP, Bordetella), a general dewormer, a heartworm test (if at least 6 months old), topical flea treatment, a microchip and rabies vaccination if old enough.  Once the dog is old enough for a rabies vaccination, the adopter may return to Animal Services Monday-Friday at a scheduled appointment time to receive the vaccine and license at no extra charge. The adoption fee also includes the spay or neuter surgery. Cat Adoption vaccinations include at minimum, first round of vaccinations (FVRCP), a general dewormer, FELV test (if < 6 months) and FELV/FIV test (6 months and above).

NOTE: All dogs, cats and ferrets 4 months and above must be vaccinated against rabies per Florida State Law.

I lost my pet. What do I do?

Follow the steps on our "Lost Your Pet?"  page.


If my lost pet is at the shelter, will I incur any fees?

Fees are available on our fees page.


I found an animal. What do I do?

If you have found an animal in Lee County, you are required to turn that animal in to Animal Services within 24 hours to enable the owner to find their lost pet. Having one location in the county in which lost pets can be turned in enables owners to be more quickly reunited with their lost pets. Information can be found on our "Found a Pet?" Web page.


What is the hold period for stray animals?

All microchipped pets or pets with identification will be held for a five (5) day period to give the owner time to claim. Dogs found without a microchip or identification will be held for a three (3) day period. Cats without identification do not have a hold period. 

I have received citations now what?

If you have received citations from Lee County Domestic Animal Services there are steps you must follow in order to be in compliance. Download our easy to follow directions to ensure proper course of action.


Are there any volunteer opportunities at the Adoption Center?

Of course, and we welcome you to volunteer. Visit our volunteer page to learn more, and contact our volunteer coordinator to sign up. Welcome—we're glad to have your help!