PA Surgery

If you have a spay/neuter surgery scheduled, please complete this form and bring it with you the morning of the surgery. Anesthesia Consent Form


Our adoption center is open Monday-Saturday from 10:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. You will be required to have an approved adoption application. You can complete one online or print and fax to (239) 277-7387 or complete one at our facility located at 5600 Banner Drive.  

Stray Animals 

When bringing a stray animal into Lee County Domestic Animal Services a release of stray custody form is required.  Release of Stray Animals Form.

Sworn Statements

You are requesting our assistance with pursuing civil charges against another individual you believe has violated Lee County Ordinances.   

In order to assist you its necessary to have the needed documents to prove the offense, you must provide photos, videos, bills or unbiased witness statements for us to cite the individual.  This is of course in addition to your sworn statement. 

  • 1. Photos - (of injuries or animal running loose, etc.)
  • 2. Videos – (of barking or animal running loose, etc.)
  • 3. Copy of Veterinary bills (For attacks where animal is injured)
  • 4. Copy of Medical bills (For attacks where person is injured)
  • 5. Name of Witnesses with addresses – (that are willing to testify in court to be submitted with your statement).

    Witnesses must have observed offense.
  • 6. Address of where animal resides. – (must be listed in sworn affidavit)
  • 7. Explain on sworn affidavit in detail what happened.  This truthful statement must contain the basis for the charges.  Answering questions as to Who, What, When, Where, Why and How often help complete a statement.                                      

    These are the documents / proof you would need with the submission of your sworn affidavit. Sworn statements can be notarized at LCDAS Monday-Friday between 9-3:30pm. 

    Be advised that after it is reviewed by a supervisor, citations may be issued and you may have to attend court to testify. Sworn Statement  Spanish Sworn Statement

Rabies Quarantine Guidelines

Please refer to the attached form for guidelines for Lee County in reference to quarantine for Rabies. 

Lee County Bite Quarantine

Release of Veterinary Records

In order for Lee County Domestic Animal Services to release medical information on any pet, a release form must be completed either by the registered owner or the veterinarian on record. 

Medical Records Release Form