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  • There are six fenced-in "Dog Parks" which allow for off-leash play.
  • On-leash dog walking is allowed at many locations (listed below).
    • Dogs must be accompanied by an adult and must remain on-leash at all times while walking in the park. 
    • Dogs are not permitted on playgrounds, ballfields, dugouts, bleachers, lakes/ponds, swimming pools, water parks, indoor buildings, areas where food is handled, and other areas with posted signs.  
    • Dogs must not act in a threatening or menacing manner and must not be permitted to destroy park property or disturb wildlife. 
    • Dogs must be wearing a collar with a valid Lee County License.
    • Read the full county ordinance 18-12.
  • Please remember to attend to the doo! Uncollected pet waste can degrade the water quality in Lee County. 

     Dog Friendly Parks