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Series NameRangeSeries NameRange
Little Critter0.3-4.0Chet Gecko Mystery3.4-4.0
Clifford, The Big Red Dog0.4-4.0Bailey School Kids3.4-4.4
Henry and Mudge0.6-2.9Baby-Sitters Club Super Specials3.4-4.5
Berenstain Bears0.6-5.0Andrew Lost3.5-4.0
Dr. Seuss0.6-5.2Baby-Sitters Club Friends Forever3.5-4.4
Biscuit0.8-1.6Magic Tree House: Merlin Missions3.6-4.0
 Lizzie McGuire Mysteries3.6-4.1
Little Bear1.4-3.1Artemis Fowl3.6-5.8
Arthur1.4-3.5Nancy Drew Mystery Stories3.8-6.4
Froggy1.7-2.8Lizzie McGuire3.9-4.8
Amelia Bedelia1.8-2.9Hank the Cow Dog3.9-5.5
 Nancy Drew Files3.9-6.9
Junie B. Jones2.0-3.1Spiderwick Chronicles3.9-8.0
Nate the Great2.0-3.1  
Scooby-Doo Readers2.1-2.7Baby-Sitters Club Mystery4.0-5.0
Kids of the Polk Street School2.1-3.0Percy Jackson and the Olympians4.1-4.7
Scooby-Doo2.1-4.9American Girl Mysteries4.1-6.1
Mr. Putter and Tabby2.2-3.5Hardy Boys Mystery Stories4.1-6.7
Amber Brown2.3-4.1Monster Manor4.2-4.6
Alex Rider Adventures2.4-9.1Roman Mysteries4.2-5.2
Frog and Toad2.5-2.9Cirque Du Freak4.2-6.2
Captain Underpants2.5-5.2Hardy Boys Casefiles4.2-6.8
American Girl2.5-6.9Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mysteries4.3-5.6
Bailey School Kids, Jr. 2.6-2.9Redwall4.3-6.3
Goosebumps Series 20002.6-3.6Pendragon4.3-6.4
Baby-Sitters Little Sister2.6-4.3Gatekeepers4.4-4.7
Magic Tree House2.6-5.2Children of the Red King4.4-4.9
Judy Moody2.7-3.6Scooby-Doo Case Files4.4-4.9
Dragon Slayer's Academy2.7-3.7Maximum Ride4.4-5.0
Zack Files2.7-3.9P.C. Hawke Mysteries4.5-5.7
Goosebumps2.7-4.1Mrs. Murphy Mystery4.6-4.8
Nancy Drew Notebooks2.7-4.1Angelina Ballerina: Angelina's Diary4.6-5.2
Hardy Boys Are The Clues Brothers2.8-4.0W.I.T.C.H. Chapter Books4.6-5.6
Jigsaw Jones Mystery2.8-4.2Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow4.7-6.0
Pee Wee Scouts2.8-4.2Inheritance Cycle4.7-7.1
Chronicles of Narnia2.8-5.9Princess Diaries4.7-7.3
Ready, Freddy!2.9-3.4Sisters Grimm4.8-5.4
Katie Kazoo Switcheroo2.9-3.7Guardians of Ga'Hoole4.8-6.5
Arthur Chapter Books2.9-3.8On the Run4.9-5.3
Ricky Ricotta's Robot Adventures2.9-4.3  
Boxcar Children2.9-4.4Door Within5.0-5.8
Baby-Sitters Club2.9-4.9Trailblazer Books5.0-6.2
Berenstain Bears Big Chapter Books2.9-5.2Wheel of Time5.2-7.1
Stink3.0-3.7Ink Trilogy5.4-5.6
Matt Christopher3.0-7.9Lady Grace Mysteries5.4-6.0
Goosebumps HorrorLand3.1-3.3Warriors5.4-6.8
Arthur - Good Sports 3.1-3.5Harry Potter5.5-8.8
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew3.1-4.3  
Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers3.1-4.8Knight and Rogue6.1
Cam Jansen3.2-3.9Lord of the Rings Trilogy6.1-6.3
A to Z Mysteries3.2-4.1Farsala Trilogy6.1-6.9
Fairies3.2-4.4Series of Unfortunate Events6.2-7.4
Angelina Ballerina3.2-4.7  
Nancy Drew Girl Detective3.2-5.6Icemark Chronicles7.7-8.0
Scooby-Doo Chapter Mysteries3.3-4.9