How to Find AR Books:

1. Go to AR BookFinder.
2. Search for a book by your criteria.
3. Copy the author, title or ISBN information into the library catalog and search to see if that title is available in the Lee County Library System.

Accelerated Reader Ranges for Popular Series
Series Name Range Series Name Range
Little Critter0.3-4.0Chet Gecko Mystery3.4-4.0
Clifford, The Big Red Dog0.4-4.0Bailey School Kids3.4-4.4
Henry and Mudge0.6-2.9Baby-Sitters Club Super Specials3.4-4.5
Berenstain Bears0.6-5.0Andrew Lost3.5-4.0
Dr. Seuss0.6-5.2Baby-Sitters Club Friends Forever3.5-4.4
Biscuit0.8-1.6Magic Tree House: Merlin Missions3.6-4.0
 Lizzie McGuire Mysteries3.6-4.1
Little Bear1.4-3.1Artemis Fowl3.6-5.8
Arthur1.4-3.5Nancy Drew Mystery Stories3.8-6.4
Froggy1.7-2.8Lizzie McGuire3.9-4.8
Amelia Bedelia1.8-2.9Hank the Cow Dog3.9-5.5
 Nancy Drew Files3.9-6.9
Junie B. Jones2.0-3.1Spiderwick Chronicles3.9-8.0
Nate the Great2.0-3.1  
Scooby-Doo Readers2.1-2.7Baby-Sitters Club Mystery4.0-5.0
Kids of the Polk Street School2.1-3.0Percy Jackson and the Olympians4.1-4.7
Scooby-Doo2.1-4.9American Girl Mysteries4.1-6.1
Mr. Putter and Tabby2.2-3.5Hardy Boys Mystery Stories4.1-6.7
Amber Brown2.3-4.1Monster Manor4.2-4.6
Alex Rider Adventures2.4-9.1Roman Mysteries4.2-5.2
Frog and Toad2.5-2.9Cirque Du Freak4.2-6.2
Captain Underpants2.5-5.2Hardy Boys Casefiles4.2-6.8
American Girl2.5-6.9Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mysteries4.3-5.6
Bailey School Kids, Jr. 2.6-2.9Redwall4.3-6.3
Goosebumps Series 20002.6-3.6Pendragon4.3-6.4
Baby-Sitters Little Sister2.6-4.3Gatekeepers4.4-4.7
Magic Tree House2.6-5.2Children of the Red King4.4-4.9
Judy Moody2.7-3.6Scooby-Doo Case Files4.4-4.9
Dragon Slayer's Academy2.7-3.7Maximum Ride4.4-5.0
Zack Files2.7-3.9P.C. Hawke Mysteries4.5-5.7
Goosebumps2.7-4.1Mrs. Murphy Mystery4.6-4.8
Nancy Drew Notebooks2.7-4.1Angelina Ballerina: Angelina's Diary4.6-5.2
Hardy Boys Are The Clues Brothers2.8-4.0W.I.T.C.H. Chapter Books4.6-5.6
Jigsaw Jones Mystery2.8-4.2Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow4.7-6.0
Pee Wee Scouts2.8-4.2Inheritance Cycle4.7-7.1
Chronicles of Narnia2.8-5.9Princess Diaries4.7-7.3
Ready, Freddy!2.9-3.4Sisters Grimm4.8-5.4
Katie Kazoo Switcheroo2.9-3.7Guardians of Ga'Hoole4.8-6.5
Arthur Chapter Books2.9-3.8On the Run4.9-5.3
Ricky Ricotta's Robot Adventures2.9-4.3  
Boxcar Children2.9-4.4Door Within5.0-5.8
Baby-Sitters Club2.9-4.9Trailblazer Books5.0-6.2
Berenstain Bears Big Chapter Books2.9-5.2Wheel of Time5.2-7.1
Stink3.0-3.7Ink Trilogy5.4-5.6
Matt Christopher3.0-7.9Lady Grace Mysteries5.4-6.0
Goosebumps HorrorLand3.1-3.3Warriors5.4-6.8
Arthur - Good Sports 3.1-3.5Harry Potter5.5-8.8
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew3.1-4.3  
Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers3.1-4.8Knight and Rogue6.1
Cam Jansen3.2-3.9Lord of the Rings Trilogy6.1-6.3
A to Z Mysteries3.2-4.1Farsala Trilogy6.1-6.9
Fairies3.2-4.4Series of Unfortunate Events6.2-7.4
Angelina Ballerina3.2-4.7  
Nancy Drew Girl Detective3.2-5.6Icemark Chronicles7.7-8.0
Scooby-Doo Chapter Mysteries3.3-4.9
Frequently Asked Questions about AR (Accelerated Reader)

1. What is Accelerated Reader? 

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a commercial product that schools buy to encourage reading. Students read books at their reading level on the AR list, take computerized quizzes at school and earn points for reading.

2. How many points is a book worth?

Each book is worth a certain number of points based on its length and reading level. Students get a percentage of these points based on the number of correct answers they get on the computerized quiz.

3. How are children assigned AR reading levels?

At school, your child takes a STAR test that assesses your child’s independent reading level. This test is usually taken at the beginning and the end of the school year. Teachers may opt to give the test more frequently.

4. What are AR reading levels?

At school, each child is assigned a reading level, based on the child’s test results. For example, if your child’s assigned reading level is 4.0 – 4.4, you will search for books that have a reading level of 4.0 – 4.4.

5. How do I find out what my child’s reading level is?

Your child’s teacher can tell you your child’s reading level. 

6. Who participates in AR?

Students at all grade levels participate. The Lee County School District purchased the “universal” list in 2009, allowing children to test on a wider variety of books. Not all private schools in the area participate in AR or subscribe to the “universal” list. 

7. Where do children take the AR quizzes?

Children take the quizzes at school. The library does not provide testing.

8. How can I get a list of books on my child’s reading level?

If you attend a Lee County public school or a private school subscribing to the universal list, you can access the list of AR books at You may limit your search based on a level there.

9. What is the color chart? (for example, what does it mean when my child says she needs “purple” books?)

The color chart is a way for children to find AR books on their level at their school libraries. Each color corresponds to a certain range of levels. The books at your child’s school library are most likely marked with AR colors. Color charts may vary from school to school. However, books at the public library are not marked with the AR colors. 

10. I have a list of AR books my child wants to read. How do I find them at the public library?

You can look for the books by author or title in the public library’s computer catalog.

11. I found this book on the shelf at my public library. How do I know if it’s on my school’s AR list?

​You can access the list of AR books at