The Lee County Commissioners held an annual Strategic Planning Workshop on February 24, 2020. This workshop helps the board determine priorities and strategies for the year. This workshop provides the County Manager and staff a better understanding of the Commissioners priorities and direction for the year.

Some of the topics covered during this workshop:
  • Public Safety
  • Water Quality
  • Solid Waste
  • Conservation 20/20
  • Flood Resiliency
  • Future Facilities
  • Communication with the Public
  • Transportation
  • Human Services
  • Advisory Committees
  • Community Identity

meeting-live2.jpgDr. Herb Marlow founder of Analytica was contracted to facilitate this workshop. Herb specializes in Strategic planning, facilitation, organizational change and development.

Analytica empowers organizations to improve their focus, vision, capacity, and results through the synthesis of knowledge and experience. Analytica assists its clients to undertake positive, forward-looking steps as they cast a new vision, manage organizational change, adapt programs and services to reflect changing realities, or simply assess the way forward, often in an environment of fiscal constraint.

Herb Marlowe recently developed a Human Services Gap Analysis Report for Lee County. Click here for more information on the analysis.